Louis Shapero – BMFA Payload Challenge 2024

Louis Shapero – BMFA Payload Challenge 2024

Dark Peak Model Aircraft Club is proud to sponsor one of our junior members – Louis Shapero – who is taking part in the BMFA Payload Challenge 2024. The BMFA Payload Challenge require students to design, build and fly load-carrying model aircraft (payloadchallenge.bmfa.uk).

The club has sponsored Louis and his fellow team members, contributing to the costs of equipment, entry fees and transport costs.

Louis is shown here with the smaller prototype design – a larger version of which will be used in the actual competition. Practice on the DPMAC flying sites is already taking place, so Louis can assess the performance of the model, and get help and assistance “hitting his marks” around the course.

The flying and presentation element of the competition will take place 12th & 13th June 2024 at the British Model Flying Association National Centre near Grantham in Lincolnshire, and the club wish him every success in the competition.

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