Little and Large!

Chris recently had the opportunity to fly a Cessna 172N (registration G-BOIL) under the instruction of Chris Avann at LAC Flying School. Chris took the opportunity to take his model of the Cessna 182 and grab this great photo of the 3 of them. Great photo Chris!

Chris comments on the flight… “The flight was one hour in the air and followed the M62 out over Rochdale, Barnsley and Huddersfield before returning to Barton field. It was good weather all the way and the views were astonishing, but it was a little bumpy over the hills. Maximum height was 3600ft ( AGL Barton datum ) and cruising speed was 90 knots. Maximum roll in the turns was 30 degrees and maximum rate of climb about 350 ft/min. C172’s are getting a bit hard to come by, but you should be able to pick up a 1979 version for about $100,000 or a 2003 C182 for about $200,000. Better still, you could stick to the C182 500 size model for 80 quid !!!”

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