Covid-19 Update – 20 May 2020

Covid-19 Update – 20 May 2020

Hi all.

Hope this email finds you well;    GOOD NEWS.

Further to advice from the BMFA the committee have decided to resume flying again with immediate effect, strictly with the following rules. Please read them and adhere to them.

1…..The first member to arrive at the site should clean down the lock and any part of the gate that is touched and then leave the gate             open. Alternatively open the gate with gloves and leave  open.

2…..Cars must be parked as usual but must be one car apart. Should the spaces be filled then please park behind the other cars at a             space in between, leaving a cars distance in between. 

3…..Only 4 planes up at once and maximum two Ic Planes at once at any time. This could be 2 Ic and 2 electric.Or 1 Ic and 3 electric.

4…. All pilots should stand at least 2 meters apart in a line and must as much as possible use their own equipment.

5….Social distancing should be adhered to at all times.

6….Please remember that we will be there to fly and not just chat { I know it is difficult } so please try and refrain from just gathering in          groups.

7….If you are learning to fly and have all your own equipment, please bring with you all the sterilizing equipment needed to make safe your transmitter etc. before handing it to the instructor.

8….All members should bring some gloves and if necessary sterilizing equipment.

10…The 5 second rule on seats or other equipment does not apply. Please do not use anyone else’s seat to avoid cross contamination.

11,,,Last person out locks up as usual.


Please note that as a number of you have been building during the lockdown it may not be possible for the instructors to check over your plane before flying. Your patience is required. It may be a good idea to fly models that have been flown before for a while.

It may also be a good idea for some to fly on different days than normal. Ie.any day during the day or evening. Also remember there is also St. Margarets. 

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