Dark Peak Model Aircraft Club

It’s a pass!

Lockdown and Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on our ability to visit the flying fields and get some practice. However, this doesn’t seem to have affected our members, two of which have passed their solo test this week. So it gives us great pleasure to congratulate Chris Horseman and …

Covid-19 Register

As part of the current restrictions placed on meetings of people from more than one household, we now have to capture details of all people attending our flying fields. Please complete the form on our Covid-19 Register page whenever you attend one of our flying fields.

Labelling your model

An update relating to the CAA/BMFA DMARES (Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme) As a number of members will have received their operator id from the CAA recently here’s a quick guide/reminder: OPERATOR ID You must pay £9/year for an operator ID if you own or are responsible …