Labelling your model

Labelling your model

An update relating to the CAA/BMFA DMARES (Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme)

As a number of members will have received their operator id from the CAA recently here’s a quick guide/reminder:


  • You must pay £9/year for an operator ID if you own or are responsible for a model aircraft or drone over 250g that is or will be flown even if it is not you that will fly it. You can pay this either directly to the CAA or via the BMFA.
  • Your Operator ID must be attached to the fuselage of your model either on the outside, or in a hatch or cover which can be accessed without the use of a specialist tool
  • your Operator ID labels must use letters of more than 3mm height.
  • If you have not yet received your Operator ID and you applied via the BMFA, you must carry a copy of the relevant exemption showing that you don’t need one until it has been issued by the CAA.
  • Check your email spam/junk folder. The Operator ID email comes directly from the CAA not from the BMFA.


  • A flyer ID is free and lasts for 3 years. You can get one by taking the CAA online test.
  • Alternatively you may take the BMFA RCC on-line test – but you will not receive a Flyer ID – you will receive a test certificate from the BMFA which you need to carry with you along with the exemption showing that the BMFA RCC is acceptable proof of proficiency/safety
  • if you hold an A, B or C proficiency certificate from the BMFA, you do not need to take a test, but do need to carry proof of your certificate and a copy of the exemption showing that a BMFA A,B or C is acceptable proof of proficiency/safety.

If you have any questions, or are unclear on anything feel free to ask me as your BMFA Rep.

The exemptions can be found here:

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