Dark Peak Model Aircraft Club

3D Printing presentation from April 2019

Our April 2019 meeting saw John Hodgkiss and Terry Honeyford giving a presentation and live demonstration of 3D Printing Technology and its use in the Model Flying hobby.

The machinery brought in by John was beavering away printing a model of a WW2 pilot (half torso) when most of the members arrived.

John’s presentation included a slideshow which was very informative and well-illustrated, going through the history of 3D printing to present day, and the How’s and Why’s and Pitfalls of the process which has become affordable to the tune of a mere £150 for the basic equipment.

A lively and interested set of questions from the audience was calmly fielded by John and good answers were to hand throughout.  The materials used were passed out for inspection and some pre-fabricated models were also available to show off the incredible possibilities.

John has kindly provided the PowerPoint presentation for us to feature on the website. (Please note you can change this to full-screen using the button at the bottom right of the presentation – you DO NOT need PowerPoint or an office subscription to view this presentation).